So I totally forgot my password for my email account and my blogger account, that is why I have not blogged in such a long time! but I am back and I will remember my passward... I should probably write it down... hahaha anyway I have alot to catch everyone up with but right now I am getting my hair done by my wonderful sister! Sooooo more later!! :D


Going Home...

Well I have had a wonderful adventure while I have been down here in St. George Utah, I have been able to make new friends and experience new things. I am very grateful for my time down here, but I do believe that I am ready to go home for a while. Things happen for a reason, we don't always understand why they happen but they do. I feel like moving back up north is what I need to do right now in my life I have no idea why but I just need to go. Some people think, "Well that's crazy of you to just pack up and leave, you have a job down here and school and everything you need, why would you want to leave..." the answer is I have no idea why I am going.. I have been thinking about going back since November, and I have prayed and fasted, I know and truly believe that God has a plan for me, and that it might seem crazy now, but I know that it's what I am suppose to do.. I know that I will be able to focus better up north and be more motivated in doing things that will better my future.


It's been a long time...

Well for those of you who read this blog thank you for being patient! I know it's been a while since I have written anything and I apologize! Here's whats going on in my life since I have moved out! after graduation and my senior trip I moved out and stayed with my Brother and his family for a months or so during the summer. I searched and searched for a job but couldn't find anything, finally I found a job at Lins Marketplace in August. I applied for the bakery job, interviewed for the deli job, and then finally got the Savory Selections Job. That was a blast I got to make food and give out samples to people! But then in November they moved me to a cashier position! Which has been fun so far, but memorizing codes and trying to tell the difference between certain kinds of produce isn't so fun! But I'm getting a little better now so it's all good! also in August I moved into my own apartment with some girls from Hurricane (Tealise Lundeen, Ashley Holt, Kassara Stratton) and then there's Jennie who was my roomie she is from Arizona and Kendra who is from Logan! They are all such wonderful girls and I am glad that I had the opportunity to room with those girls! Now that the first semester of College is over, I have decided that I am going to take a break, things happened and it got a little out of hand so I am moving back up north with my family for a few months then I will jump back out into the world again, I just need some time to figure a few personal things out.. so that is pretty much all that's going on right now in my life! nothing to exciting or anything like that but hey at least you now all know that I am still alive! Anyway I will be sure to post more when I get the chance and hopefully I will be using my computer next time so that I can get some pictures on here for you to see!!


College Girl

ok so its been a few months since I have moved out of the house, and I have so much to say!! but I'm too tired so I will be writing more later and it will include pictures!! you can also follow me on facebook!! :D thanks for your patience! :D


watch out world here I come!!

hello hello hello everyone it's me Sadee Jo I am now officially graduated and... I moved out of my house!! aaahhh!! it's pretty crazy stuff I know!! I am now living with my older brother and his wife brooke and their kids my cute little Kaitlin and Rachel!! it's been extremely fun being here with them and I just want them to know that I am way happy and gratefull that they let me stay with them this summer!! :D of course this summer hasen't been all fun and games I have been dilegently seeking a job down here which I had one but then to make a long story short they wanted me to pay them $143 for the starter kit and I didnt have that money so I stopped that job and now I have an interview at Lins Market Place this Wednesday at 3 o'clock!! yeah!! I am sooo excited and I have a great feeling about it so hopefully all will go well :D I have also had my first run in with the coppers while being down here... yes i got pulled over for the first time ever, I got in trouble because my registration has been expired since April!! how I have made it three months without getting pulled over I have no idea so don't ask. hahaha anyway he just gave me a warning and told me to get it registered and take it in to the court to show them that I got it all taken care of and then they will wave the fee and stuff so I got off with a warning which was sooo nice!! but still its been a freakish experiance for me because I am trying to find a job get registered for school and figure out how to pay for that and because I don't have enough stress lets throw in getting pulled over and all that crap!! hahaha no it's ok things are getting better, I have a job interview, I got a grant and a student loan for school and I got the car taken care of I just need to show them that it's all done which I will do tomorrow. so, so far things are looking up which is reasuring!! :D


Wisdom Teeth

This past Friday (June 5th 2009) I went to Wisdom Teeth Only and got my... well my wisdom teeth pulled!! ugh and let me tell you that was not a pleasant experience! I was very nervous going in but as soon as they put that sleeping medicine in I was out for the whole procedure! which was extremely nice, but the afterwards is not so great! although it is better then most peoples it still is painful. luckily I did not swell up to the size of Texas, sorry for all of you who were looking forward to me looking like a chipmunk! lol the doctor said that because I came in at the perfect age, my teeth were grown in enough that it was easy to pull them out so I didn't really need to put on ice packs or heat pads I just need to be careful so that it will heal correctly! so it's true I lucked out this time. I am so glad that nothing went wrong and that my pain was not severe like some peoples! and I am also glad that I will never have to go through that again in my life!! hahaha this is what happened after my surgery!
my mom said that it was funny to watch me!! she said that i keep forgetting what was going on! lol the last thing i remembered asking him was "did you put it in all ready" (the stuff that puts you to sleep) and he said "yes can you feel it?" and I said, "yeeess" and then I can't remember anything else but apparently right before i zoned out he asked me if I was feeling a little dizzy and i said yes my mom said it was fun cause i was giggly and my head was bobbing everywhere! then i was gone and she had to leave. lol then I remember waking up to the nurse saying wake up sweetie its all over. and my mom took my hand in hers and she was laughing! cause of my facial expression it was "priceless" to her!! haha apparently i didn't know what was going on! lol and then I started laughing!! and the nurse said that most patients would come out crying or mad and occasionally laughing, so I was good one! lol and on the way home my mom had to pull over and change the gaze because it was so bloody when we were done we were on the freeway on our way home and I said "what is in my mouth?" and she told me then a few minutes later I asked "why is there blood in my car??" and she told me that she had to change the bloody gauze! haha then apparently I started laughing again!! hahaha but when i got home my dad had to help me into the house with my mom and he was laughing cause i was laughing and my mom was laughing (they were obviously laughing at me!! :D lol) and on the way into the house i was slurring and stumbling and laughing and my dad said that if I were to ever get drunk I this is what it was would look like!! lol that made me laugh even more!! lol anyway it was a fun experience but not something I would like to do again cause the pain afterwards kills!! so I am really really glad they gave me drugs to make the pain go away!! lol
I really wished they had a video camera there so that I could watch it and laugh cause that sounds extremely hilarious!! anyway that is my Wisdom Teeth Adventure!! :D


Graduation/ Party/ Senior Trip

Hey everyone!! sorry it's been like forever since I have even been on my blog but here I am now!! and boy do I have a lot to fill you in on!!
first things first I am now finally GRADUATED!! Yes It's true folks I am done with high school and all of it's drama, now I am onto college and all of it's more mature drama!! lol I understand that no matter where I go there will always be drama after all what would life be with out a little drama?... DULL!! hahaha anyway so Graduation was on the 22nd of May and it was soo much fun! we had our ceremony on the football field just like they did in High School Musical!! hahaha I love that show!! anyway we walked out from our little weight room/ concession area!! and got our diploma holders they send the actual diplomas to our houses!! I just want to say thank you for all of you who came and to those of you who gave me cards and money and flowers!! I love you all soooo much!! you made it the best day ever!! :D

after graduation we had a grad night party!! which started out rocky but got better!!
we had this local singer guy booked to come and sing for us at 9 but he didn't show up till about 11 because he had car issues and he didn't have any of our numbers but while he wasn't there we had guitar hero and a rock band. then our DJ that we scheduled came early and he got all set up and started playing music and so everyone started getting happy!! it was so much fun because we all just got together and had fun together it was great!! we were there from 9 to about 2 so not to late but it was still a blast!! :D

The Tuesday after graduation we left for our senior trip to California!! we got to go to Disneyland, the Aquarium and Hollywood, Six Flags, Universal Studios, and we had bonfires on the beach plus swimming time at the hotel pool!! :D we all had such a fun time there were about 20 or so of us and surprisingly we all got along pretty well, towards the end we all started getting snappy and just needed our own space but there wasn't any big fights or anything like that!! so it was all good!!!
when we first arrived at the hotel wee got our swimming suits on and went to the beach!! and we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores!! it was soo much fun!!
on Wednesday we went to Disneyland which was blast!! but next time I go to Disneyland it will be for more then one day cause there was sooo much to do in so little time!! the biggest roller coaster I went on was called space mountain!! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! omg it felt like we were going so fast and I was freaking out cause it was so dark and I thought we were going to run into the walls and stuff it was great!! I also went on the Pirates ride and the one train ride I forgot the name of it but it was fun and pretty freaky in my opinion... you have to understand I'm not really a roller coaster person I have things that drop me and got upside down so the only roller coasters I could handle were the mild rollers!! hahaha it was great!! I also went on Indian Jones and the Haunted Mansion and a bunch of other ones!!
on Thursday we went to the Aquarium and Hollywood that was fun too we got pet stingrays and sharks and starfishes!! it was fun and in Hollywood we got to go into the Kodak theatre where they hold the Oscars and we got to go in the VIP lounge area and on the stage!! so pretty much I am famous now!! lol just kidding but it was cool to picture all the famous celebrities walking where you are right at that moment!! we also went over to the Chinese Palace and saw the footprints and hand prints of famous people and of course we saw the stars on the sidewalks!! it was so much fun!!
on Friday we went to Six Flags, now most of you know that six flags consist mostly of big scary roller coaster rides so I didn't do much riding the scariest one that I went on was the boat that would swing you up really high I had to keep closing my eyes!! my friends were just laughing at me, I would have been too I was hilarious because I was like the only freaking out!! hahaha but me and my friend Mirella (she isn't one for the big rides either) got to stay and hold peoples bags and watch this adorable baby! she's a deaf baby and the cutest little thing I have ever seen!! :D
on Saturday we went to Universal Studios, Saturday was my most favoritest day of all of them because all the rides at Universal I could handle!!... sort of! hahaha it was great fun!! we went on Jurassic park and the Mummy and the Simpson ride and all the other little shows and after we went and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, and let me tell you I wasn't to impressed by that place I mean first of all we had to wait for three hours!! and the burger was just like the one you can get at a fast food restaurant but more expensive!! they were also light on the fries!! but whatever I wont be going there again unless someone else is paying!! lol
Sunday was our relaxing day we slept in and went to church and then we went to Laguna beach for a while were we saw some really cute gentleman!! but then we went over to Hunnington Beach so we could have a fire and roast hotdogs and marsh mellows, after that we went and got into the hot tub and pool at the hotel for a little while then we tried pulling an all nighter!! but that only lasted till 2 in the morning!! lol and that pretty much concluded our California Adventure cause that morning at 9 we left and spent like 10 hours in the bus! but we did get to stop in Vegas for lunch and some free time! we went to the M&M factory and the Coca cola factory then ate at McDonald's then we got to cedar city and had a late dinner then we got home at around 2 in the morning!!
it was so much fun but I was glad to be home with my family and my BED!!! HAHAHA